January 23, 2015

Happy Happy Friday

Hey y'all, it's Friday!! I'm so excited for this weekend, aren't you? Today I'm all about trying to wrap about my to do's from this week and get prepped for the next week. While doing this I was thinking of a couple of things that kept popping into my mind and I thought I'd share a few of these things with you. It's a mix of favorites and personal thoughts, but I figured if I don't get these thoughts done I'll never get anything done.

1. It seems like for a while, especially this last week, I've really been missing my fiance's family back in Ohio.  Before we were engaged he lived in Ohio and I lived 6 hours south of that and so we never really got to spend much time together. I think, with all of the stress and not so fun grown up responsibilities I'm missing that carefree attitude we had on those trips I took to Ohio.I've been trying to convince the fiance to go there this February but who knows. I think a trip back would be just the thing we need to get things to perk life up a bit, so fingers crossed!

2. I've heard this song before but it wasn't until yesterday when I really fell in love. It's such an emotional song and the melody's so beautiful.

3. How cute is this journal!! Its one of the inspirational journals from a Lilly Pulitizer designer and I just think that's the prettiest way to journal. Journaling is something I really love doing. Last year my journal was pretty sad so this year I am hoping to make a journal that docuements this year as well as bring some color and creativity into it. 

If anybody needs me the rest of today I'll probably be keeping warm in my bed trying to tackle this math homework and meal planning for these upcoming 2 weeks. Hope y'all have a fantastic weekend! xx

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