July 2, 2015

What I'm Reading: July

Hey everybody! So back in high school I used to read all the time. I could fly through two or three books and month. Now though, as I've gotten busier it seems like I can barely get through 2-3 books a year! I still love to read and want to get back into reading more often So that's what brings us to today's post. I figured what a better way to motivate myself to read than to bring y'all along with me?
At the beginning of every month I'm going to post what I am reading and then the next month it'll be a new book. Maybe this way I'll get over my slump of just a few books a year.

What I'm Reading: The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

The book covers the story of two couples; Ira & Ruth and Luke & Sophia. Ira, at 91 years old, finds himself stranded off the side of the road, clinging to the memories he and his wife shared before her passing. Not far from there is college senior, Sophia who meets a rodeo star named Luke. In an unexpected way the two couples lives with join together reminding each other of the beauty in both love and life.

I'm sure y'all have seen the trailer for this movie that came out last April. Maybe you've even seen the movie. I've had this book on my reading list for a while now and I am so excited to finally get to it.

Are you guys reading anything good this month? Please tell me! Maybe I'll add it to my reading list.

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  1. I'm currently reading Summer's List, but I think I'm going to finish it this weekend! Next on my list is Leave Your Mark!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass