August 28, 2015

Live Each Day With a Grateful Heart

Hello lovelies, I hope all of you are having the most fantastic day today. Today I thought I'd share something with you that has been weighing on my mind for a while now; being grateful.

The world around us is filled with so many new and exciting things that for me it can get very easy to start focusing on what others have, what I don't have, and all of these little wants. The life you have can start to seem like it'll never be enough and that there is always going to be something better and really, that's no way to live. Since realizing this, I've made it my goal to try and start each day with a grateful heart and really appreciate all of the things and people around me. So here are a few tips that I use to do just that.

1. Appreciate the little things
Things as simple as fresh water or a soft bed are all so wonderful, yet so easily taken for granted. Usually, it's the littlest things such as these that make everyday so special.

2. Take a Moment to Pause
Try to everyday, especially when things seem tough, to just take a moment and really look at all you have around you. You'll probably quickly realize just how blessed you are and that typically makes me feel so much better.

3. Say Thank You
You've probably been told to do this since you could talk, but nowadays there's not always someone there to remind you. Try saying thank you as much as you can. To the person at the checkout line, the mail man, or a teacher. It'll make there day better as well as yours.

4. Keep a Gratitude Journal
At the end of each day, try to write down 3 things that you are thankful for. Doesn't matter what they are. This will make sure you end your day on a positive note and reflect on all around.

5. Turn to God
When all else fails, turn to God. Life is so wonderful and God has given so many blessing. Sometimes the best thing to do is find some quiet time and pray. Tell God how thankful you are and remember what's most important.

I this helps you all, even just a little bit. I'd love to hear some ways that you stay grateful. Most importantly, thank y'all some much for reading my blog! I love hearing from you and knowing that you read these posts makes my life so much greater! So thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Hebrew 12:28  |  Psalm 30:12  |  1 Thessalonians 5:18

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