September 21, 2015

Bath & Body Works Candles Haul

Hi everyone! I hope y'all are doing fantastic today
. Yesterday morning my mom called to tell me about the amazing sale that Bath & Body Works was having on their candles! All 3-wick candles were marked down to only $12.00 each! Plus they were offering a $10 off coupon when you spend $30 or more, so I just knew I had to take advantage of this amazing deal. Especially since I practically live for their fall and winter scents.

I went in with a limit off only three, even though I would've bought them all if my husband and my wallet would've allowed it. After smelling practically every scent they had to offer, these are the three that both Caleb and I loved the most.

 First is the scent leaves. It definitely is a fall scent without the classic pumpkin or cinnamon smell. It reminds of raking leaves with my dad in our yard or jumping into the stacked piles with my siblings.  It is described as a blend of golden nectar, red apple and spiced berries. It's a very fresh smell with just the perfect hint of sweetness. Also the lid to this candle is an absolutely gorgeous bronze with leaf designs. Does anyone look at the designs on the lid when purchasing candles or is it just me? 

Second is the scent Marshmallow Fireside. Now I knew before going into the store that I didn't want to leave without this one. The first time I smelled it I was in love. It's described as smoky wood, sweet vanilla, and toasted marshmallow. I couldn't agree more. It smells exactly like you're huddled around a fire and the notes of vanilla give it that added sweetness that you can't resist. It's currently burning at my desk as I type this!

Now this candle Caleb fell in love with, and as soon as we got home he pulled it out of the bag and lit it. The label says it is a blend of McIntosh apples, smoky woods, and toasted marshmallow. I think these three scents are a common theme in all the candles we choose. :) This one is similar to the toasted marshmallow, but the apple gives it a little bit of a spice that sets it apart. 

As the weather gets cooler, I just love the coziness that lighting a candle can add. Did you guys get a chance to hit up Bath & Body Works during their sale? If so, what did you get? Also, what are some of your favorites scents for this Autumn?  


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