September 18, 2015

Day Trip to Nashville

Hello lovelies! On the Saturday before Labor Day my husband and I woke up and knew we wanted to go on a day trips. Neither of us have ever been to Nashville and since we only live 3 hours away we figured "why not!?" So we dropped the puppy off at my parents and hit the road!

Downtown Nashville is so beautiful. I loved looking at all the little shops and bars that lined the streets. It's so wonderful how each city has its own little flavor that you can't find anywhere else.

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to visit Nashville was to see the Parthenon. I am a huge lover of Greek Mythology so I just knew I had to visit this beauty once I knew it existed. (You can thank the Percy Jackson books for that (:  )

 The moment we pulled into the park I was on complete awe.  Even though it's not the original, it still transports you in a way that feels like you're walking through Greece. I couldn't stop snapping picture after picture of the architecture. Ever little detail was incredibly beautiful. 
I convinced him to let me get a photo of just him. Scruffy beard and all.
Once you get into the building there is a lower level that has intricate sculptures and painting. Unfortunately you're not allowed to snap any pictures inside that part of the building.

After we just couldn't wait any longer we darted up the stairs to the main feature:
 The moment you lay eyes on her you fall into this complete state of awe. I don't know why, but you just feel this overwhelming wave of power and strength coming from her. It's simply amazing. I loved watching as people came up from the lower level just to see there reaction; usually consisting of a lot of "wows." 

Coincidentally, the park was also having a music festival just a walk away from the Parthenon. We stayed there for a bit enjoying the music, glancing at the tents they had set up with items from local shops. I didn't get a chance to take any pictures from this though. 

We ended our day with a pina colada snow cone and headed back home. Exhausted but oh so happy with our trip together.  The Parthenon was beautiful and I really enjoyed getting to experience what Nashville has to offer. Hopefully next time I go back, I'll get a chance to see the Opry!

I hope you all had just as much fun on labor day weekend as I did.

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