December 21, 2016

Winter To Do List

Today is officially the start of winter!! For most people though I'm sure it's felt like winter WAY before the solstice. I'm excited to see how many of these I'll actually complete during these next 3 months. How many of these items do you want to check off your list?

December 16, 2016

For the Homebody // 2016 Holiday Gift Guides

We're about a week away from Christmas now! How exciting is that? These gifts are perfect for those who enjoy a cozy night in as well as feminine decor to spice up any living space. How cute are the emoji mugs? Best part is it's only $8 a mug! 


December 11, 2016

The Explorer // 2016 Holiday Gift Guides

Hello lovelies! This gift guide is probably my favorite! I'm in love with everything on this list. This gift guide is perfect for avid traveller, jetsetter, and nature explorer. I snagged the Fujifilm camera this Black Friday and am so excited to use it on my travels this winter. 


November 25, 2016

Beauty Queen // 2016 Holiday Gift Guides

It's the first gift guide of the season! Can you believe how close we are to Christmas! I've had the holiday season on my mind before Halloween even came. With today being Black Friday I felt this would be the perfect time to kick off the start of our gift guide series. This collection of gifts are perfect for the makeup lover in your life. Maybe there's even something here you'd add to your own wish list? I can't decide which one's my favorite! They're all so cute!! Although I think I might be leaning toward the Philosophy bath set ;)

Which one is your personal favorite? Any particular gift guides you would like to see in the coming weeks?

I hope y'all had a fabulous Thanksgiving Day & were able to snag some good deals today!

November 22, 2016

Let Them Eat Cake // November Mood Board

This mood board is by far one of my absolute favorites! The colors, the paintings, the textures...aah! This aesthetic is everything.
We're  1 1/2 days to Thanksgiving! Tomorrow is Caleb's "Friday" and then we get a 4-day weekend together!!! Woohoo! I plan on binge watching a lot of netflix, stuffing my face, getting out to enjoy the weather, and maybe even a little Black Friday shopping. This is our first Thanksgiving away from any of our families so it'll be a bit of a change, but we're making the most of it. We've swapped out the huge turkey for 3lbs of turkey breast and will be making a few smaller versions of our favorite sides. Plus there will be cheesecake, so honestly what could be better than that! :)

We're also about a month away from moving. Still no hard orders, but I'm hoping they'll come soon. The coolest thing is, if all goes as planned, we will be starting our new year in our new state. The perfect beginning to a new chapter in our life. Until then I'm enjoying our last few weeks in Texas and bracing myself for the weather change we're about to get ourselves into!
. . .
Excited for: The new Disney movie Moana & long weekends with my husband
Watching: The Crown on Netflix (It's amazing!!)
Doing: Playing Animal Crossing:New Leaf (there was an update (: ) and spending to much time on YouTube/Tumblr
Loving: Target Dollar Spot's winter page flags, to do lists, period dramas


November 14, 2016

Fall Date Night Outfits ft. Adore Me

Hello lovelies!
We're deep into the heart of fall, with winter practically around the corner. I don't know about you, but these cooler seasons just scream romance to me. Perhaps it's the twinkly lights & candles, the cozy atmosphere, or how quickly night comes. Whatever it is there's so many adorable date ideas to enjoy with your significant other during the season. One question that always pops up when going on a date is, "What do I wear?"

Date night outfits are all about feeling confident and sexy. One key feature of any outfit is the lingerie. Lingerie acts as the foundation to your look and can give you that extra boost of confidence you need. One brand in particular that totally rocks this is Adore Me. Adore Me sells lingerie sets that are not only super cute, but budget friendly. Perfect for the everyday woman! They have a wide variety of intimates; from bras, sleepwear, and even a new line of active wear! Their sizes range from 30A to 46G and they even have cute nursing bras for all the breastfeeding mamas! After browsing through the website for what seemed like hours (Seriously there's so many options to choose from!) I choose three favorites that I used as inspiration for different date night looks.

1 | 2 (similar) | 3 | 4 | 5
This look is classic, preppy, and a total-fall look! Perfect for a casual dinner and a movie or a sweet walk through a park.
 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Showcasing one of many sets in their plus size selection, I am in love with this look! The mix of denim, jewel tones, and light neutrals come together in an adorable look for any lady.
 1 | 2 (Only $10!!)| 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
On the more edgy side, this look is perfect for the the casual cool girl! With just a few pops of blue and the contrast in materials create a showstopping yet almost effortless look! This is definitely my fave!
. . .
Definitely check out Adore Me for many other lingerie sets, as well as their PJ's and active wear! There's so much to offer from this brand. Plus the best part is, your first set is only $19.95! It doesn't get better than that!
Which outfit was your favorite? Also if you check out Adore Me, let me know what you think! I'd love to know.


November 2, 2016

Easy Tips for Meal Planning

I started meal planning way before I even moved out of my parents house. I always have loved keeping organized and cooking, so when my parents would do their big grocery trip once a week so I'd spend hours searching for coupons and choosing meal ideas to present to them. Now 5 years later I live on my own, but still continue to meal plan for my little family of two.  The average couple spends around $550 a month on food. Meal planning is perfect for everyone whether you're a big family of 6 likes we were growing up or for someone living alone. It saves you money, time, and reduces the stress of trying to scramble a meal together each night. So here is my process and a few tips on incorporating meal planning into your life.

Step 1: Pick Your Grocery Day
I do my grocery shopping mainly primarily  ever 2 weeks. This could be different for everyone. Just do what works best whether that's once a week or once a month. One key thing though is to make sure you have a dedicated block of time for your trip. Grocery day is better when you're not in a rush.

Step 2: Choose Your Meals
Grab a sheet of paper, number the side so you have a spot for each nights dinner and a few spots for lunch & breakfast. I personally use Pinterest for practically all my meal ideas. It's as simple as typing "dinner ideas" and you have tons of yummy recipes to choose from. For my list I like a balance of quick and easy meals, a few that require a bit more effort, and I always leave one spot open for takeout. 

Step 3: Create a Shopping List
Next I go through each recipe and write down the ingredients needed. I also add key staples such as bread, eggs, and milk. You ll know what your family needs, especially after you've done it a few times
At this point its a breeze.

Step 4: Raid Your Pantry
Taking the list you just made, go through your pantry and cross off anything you already have.  This could also be a time to add things you're noticing you need to pick up too. This helps a ton because you'll insure you only buying what you need rather than bringing home ANOTHER can of black beans(seriously i always buy them when i have like 5 in my cabinet. I need to chill)
Step 5: Shop Shop Shop
You've made it! You're all planned out and ready to head to the store with your grocery list in hand. Remember to stick to your list, don't shop on an empty stomach and you'll make it out without buying what you don't need. Although let's be honest, oreos somehow always end up in my cart, but I promise I stop there!  

Its so simple, but so effective as well! It honestly does  tons of time to do. When you're already browsing pinterest pin a few recipes for next weeks list, create an ongoing list of items as you run out, and then when you sit down to meal plan it'll all just fall together.  I would say in total it takes me like an hour from start to finish, minus the actual shopping trip.

By doing this Caleb and I save around $150 a month. That adds up to 1800 a year! I promise you'll still get to buy meals you love while also cutting costs. Try it for a week and tell me of it worked for you! If you'd like to hear more posts like this let me know! I'd love to share.

November 1, 2016

Weekend Waterfalls & Hiking Adventures

Hello November!!
This past Saturday was such an awesome weekend. It wasn't anything elaborate, but I just felt really satisfied and accomplished by the time we fell asleep. The simplest days are usually the best days though, ya know? We took care of medical stuff for Roku, changed the oil, picked up Halloween candy (YUM!), went Pokemon hunting, then ended our day with a trip to the park. Now this park you can see off of the interstate that we drive on everyday. Right from the road you can see this beautiful waterfall.
 I wanted to visit this waterfall as soon as I knew it existed. We've lived here for 3 months now and finally I'm able to cross this off our tech school bucket list! This waterfall was impossible to find though! We'd attempted to find it twice already, but then this weekend was when we decided "okay, we're not leaving this place until we see it!" 

So after 1 hour of hiking through multiple trails we finally found the right path. I'm a total sucker for anything water/nature related. Oceans, creeks, waterfalls...I love it all! I'm like 98% sure this is a man made waterfall, but it's still is super cool. I had mentioned to Caleb about feeling the mist the waterfall made (I don't know why, but I was excited for it.) He didn't think there would be any, but guess what?! There was!! I was standing along the rocks, breathing the air in deeply and saying "Ya feel that mist? Nature's mist right there!" I'm pretty sure he was annoyed with me, but whatever. He loves me! :)
It was so nice getting to go out and explore different parts of this town, especially since we only have 2 more months here! I want to make sure I leave Texas without having regrets of not visiting certain places. I'm not sure when we'll ever get a chance to explore this part of the US again. 

                                              Also, IMPORTANT UPDATE on our first duty station. He got an assignment, but I don't exactly want to say where just yet in case it changes. For now I will say that it's totally not somewhere we would have chosen to move to if we had a choice, but at the same time I'm really excited to live there. I'll let y'all know as we get closer! Maybe Thanksgiving time?
Until then, I encourage you to go out and explore the city you live in. Maybe there's a restaurant or landmark you've always wanted to visit, but could never quite find the time. Make a plan to make some time and explore. I know you wont regret it!

October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween + New URL!

Happy Halloween everyone! Can you believe that we only have 2 month left in 2016!! How crazy is that? This Halloween weekend was spent eating way too many peanut butter cups and watching movies on netflix. So fun :) We're to much of homebodies to go to Halloween parties this year.  I hope you all are having a fabulous Halloween day full of lots of fun and yummy candy! 

We also have some super exciting news here on All Gumption and Grace....WE HAVE A NEW URL! 
I'd been many to get a custom url for ages, but was a little intimidated by the process. Honestly though it only took a couple of minutes. I'm so excited to officially have my own little part of the internet. It's exciting watching this blog evolve and grow. You can still reach us through the old link, but if you ever see then that's me! 

Yay! Anyway, happy holiday to you all! See you in my next post!

October 17, 2016

The Cozier the Better // Autumn Mood Board

{1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8}
Oh how I miss the fall weather that Indiana had. Here in North Texas we're halfway through October and I haven't seen a single leaf on the ground. It's still like 75* too! Although I'm sure like one month into colder weather I'll be missing the heat, but it'd still be nice to have pretty leaves and chai tea. 
Who knows where we'll end up being stationed for next fall. Still no word on his assignment or even when we'll know. That's the Air Force for ya; just hurry up and wait.
In the meantime, I'll be surrounding myself with fall themed goodies no matter the weather. 
. . .
watching: Grey's Anatomy Season 7!
listening to: Twenty Pilots, always, Twenty One Pilots
cooking: cinnamon apple french toast (omg soo good!!)
loving: mauve nail polish & cozy nights in on tumblr


October 14, 2016

Solo Road Trips // Tips and Tricks

 There's just something extremely thrilling when you're driving down the highway, windows rolled down, and your favorite songs playing on the radio. Ahh, just thinking about it makes me excited! I took my first road trip alone a month after my 18th birthday to visit Caleb 6 hours away. From that day I was travelling to Ohio and back to Indiana about once a month, more during the summer! Each trip I gained more experience and began to perfect my road trip plan. The biggest trip I took alone was this August; 350 miles from Ohio to Indiana followed by almost 1000 to Texas. It can be a little daunting to go on a trip alone, that's why I thought I'd share my 5 tips for conquering any solo road trips!
. . .
1. Keep Your Car Organized
In general I love when everything has a place. This is especially good for when your on the road. When loading up your car, make sure you place things where they're most convenient for you while also ensuring that you have everything you need. For example, I always put my bag in backseat, carry-on type backpack in the passenger floorboard, snacks in the passenger seat, insurance cards/registration in the glove box, and basic car maintenance in the trunk(jumper cables, jack, coolant, etc) This way when I'm stopping at a rest stop, checking into a hotel, or even just wanting a quick snack while driving I don't have to worry about trying to find something.

2. Check Your Car Before you Go
This is kinda obvious, but very important. Be sure to check your fluids, tire pressure, fill up the gas tank, and make sure you have all important documents for your vehicle handy. If you're unsure how to do a few of these things as someone you know for help. When I first started I'd always ask my dad or husband. Eventually you'll learn and can do it yourself! If anything needs fixed make sure you do it before you leave. This will keep you safe while also avoiding a headache down the road.

3.Bring Snacks and Music
At times, road trips are going to get boring. That's why I like to bring snacks to keep me full and help keep be focused. (*Cue Mini-Wheats Guy*) Music will also help to pass the time and keep you from falling asleep. Road trips are perfect times for karaoke sessions!

4. Stay Safe
Safety is one of the most important things on a road trip. Let someone know before you leave and where you'll be going. Be sure to also call someone when you arrive. For extra precautions I always like to shoot my dad or husband a quick text when I stop somewhere for a break. This way he knows where I am at and the time just in case something horrible were to happen.  Having something to protect yourself if something were to go wrong, such as pepper spray or a tazer, is also a good idea. Lastly, don't stop somewhere that's not very busy. When stopping for gas or a rest stop I like make sure there are plenty of people around. 

5. Don't Push Yourself
Make sure you get a good nights sleep before you leave. If at any point during the trip you start to feel sleepy, don't be afraid to stop somewhere and take a break. Splash some cool water on your face, do some jumping jacks, or even take a quick nap. Whatever it takes to keep you awake on the road. On the other hand, don't keep forcing yourself to stay away just so you can try to get to your destination quicker. Sometimes it's a good idea to stop at a hotel for the night, especially if it's a long trip. Both your body and the other travellers with thank you.

6. Start with a Plan
Always have  printable version of your route. Just as you'd look up directions on your phone, you can do the same on your computer and print them out. Sometimes you'll be in an area without a cell phone signal so you want to make sure you have a backup in case your GPS goes out. Pay attention to traffic signs to avoid taking the wrong exit. If you did get lost, don't worry. Most GPS will reroute your trip, or you could take the exit into a nearby city and recreate your plan. You'll be back on the road in no time.

7. Trust Your Instincts
If something feels concerning, don't just ignore it. Creepy feelings about a place or person can be right, and it's better to be safe than sorry. I've never had any negative experiences, but they do happen to lots of people. Just keep your head straight and pay attention. 
. . .
There's a few more tips I wish I could share, but I think these are the most important. I've been on 10+ solo trips and they really aren't as scary as they might seem. Just follow driving laws, stay focused, be responsible, and don't forget to have f


October 12, 2016

BMT Graduation: Day One // Coin Ceremony & Base Liberty

This post has been sitting in my draft folder since the night we arrived in San Antonio. I knew before we even left I wanted to write a guide on each day at BMT Graduation. It can be a little nerve wracking going to the graduation. There's so many rules, different atmosphere, and the overall anxiety of seeing your Airman after what feels like FOREVER! So I thought I'd share my experience there, so you have a bit of an idea on what to expect.
. . .
It was just Caleb's mom, Charlotte, and I who were able to make it. We were awake by 5:30 am; way too excited to sleep! We wanted to get on base around 6:45 to 7:00. Thankfully our hotel was only 5 minutes away so it wasn't too hard to get to base. When you get to the gate you'll hand them your visitor's pass(your airman would've mailed these to you) and your ID. Once you're through the real fun begins!
When we finally arrived at the reception center I think this was really when it all started to set in. My heart was beating so fast and we were still an hour away from seeing him! I think it was just seeing all the squadron buildings and airman around. I just kept thinking, "Is this where he did classes? Is this where his dorms are? I wonder where he's at right now?"  I'm gonna be honest though...we skipped the orientation they held in the morning. I know everyone says it's mandatory, but Caleb's mom had already went to it 1 1/2 years ago with Caleb's sister so we decided it wasn't worth going to again. Now I don't think I would suggest this for everyone. Since we didn't go we had no idea what his heritage flight was, which would've been very helpful in knowing where he'd be standing come later in the day. Really though, that was all we missed. Everything else was perfect.
Since we didn't go to the orientation though, we were able to get a really good spot right next to where they do the Airman's Run! This was the moment I had waited 9 1/2 weeks for. My stomach was filled with 1000 butterflies! They run around twice; the first time we missed him. On the second lap though, we caught a quick glimpse of him. I would suggest videotaping this part rather than try and take pictures. This way we could go back and screenshot the 1 second we got of him. 
He's in the very very back left in the gray with glasses! I about died when I saw his face. The worst  part though was seeing him run by and then just run off again. I wanted to run after him and be like "no, come back!!" 

In between the Airman's Run and the Coin Ceremony is a really long wait. There's a gift shop in the reception center which will help to keep you busy. They have t-shirts for each squadron, family member themed shirts, and other cute lick knick-knacks. The prices are pretty reasonable too. I got a shirt with a pin & lanyard for only $22. 
Okay so here is where the orientation is helpful to attend. This is what the reception center is like with all the airman ready for the coin ceremony. This stadium is HUGE which rows and rows of bleachers. The airman are separated into heritage flights. During the meeting they tell you which flight your airman is in as well as where the flight will be standing. Since we skipped it, we took a chance and just decided to sit on the side where we wouldn't be blinded by the sun. This was a total blessing though because guess where Caleb ended up standing? Yup! He was the very first flight right in front of us! I couldn't believe it!
Also a huge thank you to Caleb's mama and her super amazing camera! As a result she was able to take HD pics like this one. Trust me, you'll need a camera with a decent zoom if you want to see anything. It's pretty far away and we were in one of the first few rows. For real though, seeing him standing there looking all cute and  military-like. I was smiling ear to ear! 
The whole coin ceremony took an hour and a half I think. I honestly can't remember, but there's a schedule online that will tell you for sure. It's a lot of speeches, national anthem is played, recognition for the honor flights, and then handing coins to each airman. There are multiple videos of it on YouTube if you want to know exactly what's in store.
The very last speech felt like it took forever though! They'd say "I know you all are excited to see your Airman", then continue to talk for another 10 minutes. Later Caleb and I both agreed we were at the point of "Come on let us go! I wanna see my baby!" Finally though we were able to go get him(aka tapping out). The moment he saw me heading towards him was such an amazing moment! We both just bursted into the biggest smile and hugged each other so tight. I never wanted to let go!
The rest of Thursday is base liberty. Your airman will be briefed on what they can and cannot do during base liberty. Websites like AF Wingmoms has lots of helpful information on this too! 
  As soon as he was tapped out we were able to go off and explore the base. Now that may be different for other airman though. Many might have errands they need to run before they're free to go. This is one of their first times exploring base too, so don't be surprised when they know where nothing is. Thankfully all of Caleb's errands we could do together. There's not much to do other than a mini-mall, movie theater, bowling, and a park. Which was really perfectly fine. I was way too excited to care either way. All we really wanted to do was talk before he had to go back to his dorm at 2000(8:00 pm...get use to the military jargon. That was one of the first things I noticed; the change in language and the way he walked).
Dropping him back off at curfew sucked, and only got harder each day, but knowing I'd get to see him tomorrow made leaving on Thursday a little bit better.

Day 1 down. 3 more to go.
. . .
I have two more posts coming soon. Friday's events and then Saturday and Sunday. Look for those soon! If you have any questions about graduation week or just the Air Force in general let me know! I'd be happy to help in the best way I can! 


September 26, 2016

Autumn Wishlist // Fall Fashion

Fall is here! Fall fashion is, and will always be, my favorite wardrobe. The colors, layers, and the textures just make me so happy! With the new season I broke out the fall clothes I had packed away, sorted through it all, and put together this season's capsule wardrobe. Although I have plenty from last year, there are a few key pieces I need to replace or would like to add.
. . .
Jeans(that actually fit) | Black Circle Skirt | Clear Eyeglasses | Flannel Top | Bralettes | 
Olive Green Crop Top | Celestial-inspired Jewelry | Booties


September 7, 2016

Space Babe // September Mood Board

Hello lovelies!
Did y'all have an amazing labor day weekend? Caleb had Friday-Monday off which was so amazing to get to spend 4 days together. Due to his class length we don't get to live together, so when weekends come around we're both pretty happy. Especially since he's now allowed to spend the night on the weekends. :)
  I've gotten back into playing Animal Crossing. I'm sure most people have played that game at some point in their life. I go through phases where I'm obsessed with a game and will play it nonstop, then wont play it for like months. Right now I'm obsessed with this game. It's just so darn cute!  
Also, how dreamy is this moodboard?! I'm in love with these colors 
. . .
Watching: Stranger Things, Sailor Moon, and Steven Universe
Playing: Pokemon GO! | Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Current Loves: everything holographic, crystals, and 4 day weekends with Caleb :)

September 6, 2016

New Era // All Gumption and Grace 2.0

My name is Madison Herron. I'm 20 1/2 years old and I'm currently living in the lonestar state. I started this blog in January of 2015 with the intentions of being like the preppy, instagram girls you see all over Pinterest. I wrote content that I thought other people would like and tbh felt overly critical about every other post y'all would see. I have a file folder full of post ideas that I've held off on posting because I was afraid it "wouldn't fit the theme." Which is total bullshit because I don't even think I know what that theme is. I'm not that girl on pinterest and I shouldn't try to be. I'm me, as cliche as that sounds. So let's talk about my life and the things I'm passionate about. I'd love for y'all to stick around for the ride.
. . .
Since I've started this blog I've lived in 3 different states, got married, became an Air Force wife, adopted a puppy, attempted college...dropped out of college, discovered new traits about myself and started seeing the world a little bit differently. It'd make sense for my blog to change too. 
I want to start talking about the things I'm passionate about, even if people might consider them controversial. I want to share with you my own personal style in fashion, home decor(oh my gosh, this is my weakness), and art. Take you with my as I travel to new places, call a new part of the world home, or even just discover new parts of myself. All the things I intended back in 2015, just without this confinement of trying to "fit in," because really who gives a fuck about that. 
 I'll probably write really horrible posts sometimes or make a lot of mistakes. But that's all okay. I'm just excited for what the future holds and I hope this helps to break me out of the creative block I keep falling back into.

So we've started with a new design! I'm totally digging the space mermaid vibe it brings. I'm going to start tackling that file folder full of post ideas too. I can't wait to share them with you! Until then.

August 9, 2016

Tech School, Texas and New Beginnings

Hey y'all! 
The photo above has practically been my view for the last month. I've definitely racked up lots of miles this summer. First was the drive to the beach in North Carolina, then to Texas, then Ohio, and tomorrow it's back to Texas again. By tomorrow night I will have spent more than 80 hours in a car for travelling since July 20th! How crazy is that? 
P.S. I know my TPMS light is on, but I pinkie promise I'm not driving on a flat! Just don't have a sensor on one of my tires. No worries! 
Why have I travelled this much? Well, summer vacays and air force graduation were the biggest thing. While we were at Lackland AFB, Caleb received his orders for tech school. We were so sure that Mississippi would be our home for the next few months, but God had other plans. So Texas bound we are again! I'm not exactly sure how long we'll be there, but we're estimating between 6 and 8 months! The verdict is still out on if we can live together too. Regardless, I knew I wanted to be down there. We've done the long distance thing time and time again. We both agreed it was not something we wanted to do for tech school too. 
I took a day break after my first Texas trip before heading back to Ohio to pack out ENTIRE apartment. I walked through the door around 3:00pm and by 3 o'clock the next afternoon we were officially done! Don't ask me how I managed it, but I did. I'm so lucky I had the fabulous help of my father-in-law, mother-in-law, and my hubby's best friend. Otherwise there's no way I could have finished it as quickly as I did. 
This was our bedroom around 6. That's when I could start to tell progress was being made, but man on man was I physically exhausted! As I'm writing this I'm in Indiana, spending a few more days with my family before I leave early tomorrow morning. I don't know when I'll get that chance to visit again for a while, so I'm glad I get to see them now. 
The drive to our new home is about 12 hours! I've got a great playlist, lots of yummy road trip snacks, and a back seat full of our essentials. By this time tomorrow it'll be me and Roku somewhere in the middle of the U.S. I can't wait to start this new chapter in our life. Texas is somewhere I've always been curious to live in, so now I get the chance to feed that curiosity! 
Do any of y'all live in Texas? We're about 2 hours from Dallas so any place I just HAVE to see while we're here?

July 27, 2016

Texas, Here I Come! // July Mood Board

{ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 }
If you're reading this I am probably somewhere in the middle of the USA on my way to San Antonio!! After Waiting 7 1/2 weeks I finally get to see my hubby graduate from the USAF! I am so incredibly proud of him and cannot wait to see him this Thursday! I've never been to Texas before so I am extremely excited for this road trip. It's about 15 hours, but it'll all be worth it once I see Caleb's face at Lackland AFB!
. . . 
Watching: Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy
Playing: The Ark and Pokemon Go!
Listening To: Heathens by Twenty One Pilots & 21 Summers by Brothers Osborne
Current Loves: journalling, spotify, and getting my nails done

July 16, 2016

Road Trip Essentials

Hello loves!
If you don't know already, I LOVE to travel. Whether its a day trip to a new city or a 20 hour drive across the country I'm totally down for it all! In summer especially, road trips seem so appealing! There's just something about driving down the highway with your windows rolled down, a really great album playing on the radio, and the feelings of excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. 
One way to ensure the journey is just as fun as the destination is to be prepared. Here are a few things that I always bring with me when I'm going on a road trip.
. . .
 Perfect for holding all these essentials.
Wet Wipes:
 These come in handy for freshening yourself up or cleaning little messes throughout the car
-Warm scarves and socks just in case it gets to cold
to capture all your memories
Portable Charger:
There just aren't always enough car chargers
Your Favorite Music:
Helps to pass the time and makes it fun
Listen to music or what your favorite videos without disturbing others!
Healthy, Yummy Snacks
It can be easy to just stop for fast food, but that rarely leaves you feeling great. Things like fruit or trail mix are great substitutes.
Get that 64oz in no matter what
Being stuck in a car all day can feel really drying after. So this is a lifesaver
Hair ties:
Great for when the windows are rolled down!
. . .
Is there something you always bring on car trip? Do you plan on going anywhere this Summer or have you already? I can't wait to tell y'all all about my road trip in 2 weeks!