January 29, 2016

Money Management Tips

Hello everyone! How are y'all doing on this fabulous Friday? Awesome? Awesome! January is coming to a close and with that we are one month into completing our New Year's resolution. For many people getting a better handle on their finances is one of these resolution. However, it can be hard to figure out exactly where to start in order to make this goal happen. Trust me, I'm right there with you!

One person that has always been there to answer any questions I ever had about money is my dad. Especially now that I am living on my own, trying to navigate through things such as taxes and establishing credit can get a little crazy. Thankfully though, my dad's just a phone call away from helping me figure everything out. As my siblings and I were growing up, my dad insured we understood the value of a dollar, the best ways to handle our money, as well as provided us with simple tips that I continue to use today. I thought I would share some of these with you today. Who knows, maybe you'll find some of these as helpful as I have.

1. Create a Budget and Stick with It
This seems super simple, but honestly it makes a world of a difference. By creating a budget you're evaluating where you moneys going and insuring that you always have enough to spend for what's most important in your life.

2. Meal Plan
This can be for as little as a couple of days at a time or even weeks in advance, but by planning your meals you'll save money that would otherwise go to things you don't necessarily need. It makes sure you always have food in your house which puts an end to random orders of take out. Also, it limits the number of times you have to go to the grocery which saves gas. Also it keeps you from buying foods you don't need, but just sound good at the time.

3. Keep a Cheque Book (and actually use it)
I use to just trust my mobile banking, which is fantastic, but sometimes it's nice to have it written down. I find that by writing in a cheque book it helps me realize exactly where I am spending my money and how much.

4. Do Your Research
From taxes, 401k, interest rates, etc...it can be a little daunting. That's why it's important to do your research and learn a little bit more about your finances. A few clicks away on the Internet an answer, many of these questions and create a better understanding of what it all means. By having a clear understanding of how the financial world works, you'll be able to create wiser decision on how you handle your money.

5. Figure out your Priorities
Take a look at what you're spending money on and determine if there is anything you don't necessarily need. You'd be surprised how much money you can save this way. For example, I opted out of cable since I use my computer for most TV shows. This saves $40+ right there. Also, don't be afraid to shop around and see if there cheaper options for the products you use. 

One great resource for managing your finances are the tools that Personal Capital provides through their website. They can help with everything from monitoring your spending to calculating your net worth. These tools are super easy to use too and are a great way to take a better look at your financial situation. I definitely suggest taking a look at them here

Do you have any tips that you use when handling your own money? Also, is there anyone in your life who acts as a financial role model?

I'm sending all the positive vibes your way and best of luck in your own financial endeavors.


January 1, 2016

Happy New Year: 2016 Goals

Hello lovelies! Did y'all have a fabulous New Year's Eve? I can't believe it is already 2016, but here we are! The thing I love about the new year is how there are now 365 new days the hold so many amazing memories. I am incredibly excited to see what 2016 has in store for me and my family.
This new year's eve was celebrated in Ohio with my husband's family. We have officially been moved for about 2 weeks now. So many changes have occurred just in the last month, that I can't even imagine where we'll be this time next year. 

 As it is customary for the new year, I have also put together all my resolutions for this year that I thought I'd share with y'all.

Every year I try to make sure I have a goals that affect all aspects of my life as well as make sure they're something I know I can achieve. I think it'll be interesting to look back on this post in 365 days and see what all I accomplished. I'm hoping I can cross everyone off my list. 
How did you celebrate the New Year? Do you have any resolutions you hope to accomplish?

Happy New Year!