March 14, 2016

Let's Catch Up

Oh Monday, how you've been good to me!
 I woke up this morning totally not feeling that day. The dishes are piled up way higher than they should be(shh lets not talking about it :) ) and school is seriously kicking my butt this semester. 10 minutes later my husband surprised me that he has the whole day off which is rare, but I'm totally not complaining! 
We've spent most of the day at his mom's house, riding quad, playing with the nieces. Ya know, typically Monday things ;)

So, you know those gorgeous wreaths you see all over pinterest and every time you walk past the wreath section at Michael's you can't help but want to try to make one yourself? Well I did..and it's not a complete disaster!!
See?! The bow is totally trying to make a run for it, but I'll blame the wind and not my crafting skills.
I basically just glued the flowers onto the wreath, but the H was a little tricky. My dad found some zip ties in his car which when hot glued to the letter and then fastened the zip ties around a section of the wreath. Easy enough, right?!

Tonight's the finale of the bachelor and I've totally been binge watching the episodes over the weekend. I can't decide who I like more; JoJo or Lauren. I'm leaning towards Lauren, but we'll see. I'm gonna try to tweet while I'm watching it.That a thing I've been trying to do more. Y'all can follow me here if you'd like! Also follow @WhatIDoAllDay. Her tweets are hilarious!!
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
I have to force myself not to retweet everything. 

I just moved to Ohio like 2 months ago and now we're already talking about leaving husband is joining the Air Force! I'm a little anxious, but also excited to see where the lord takes us. I'll update y'all on that when we learn more.

Okay ladies, that's about all I've got. How'd you spend the day today? Also which lady are y'all hoping Ben gives the rose too? 


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