April 29, 2016

Mother's Day Ideas // Gift Guide

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Mother's Day is just around the corner! Which also means it's time to find the perfect present. Here's a few gift ideas for your very special momma.


April 28, 2016

Birthday Haul // Bath and Body Works

This year for my birthday, on April 16th, my parents came to visit from Indiana and we headed straight to the mall. Conveniently, my birthday was also the day that Bath and Body Works was having their $12.50 3-wick candle sale + an additional $10 off when you spend $30. My mom and I practically live for candle sales so of course we had to stop by.

Caleb and I ended up choosing these 3 scents; vanilla bean marshmallow, sugared peony petals and pineapple lily. 
Vanilla Bean is a favorite of ours giving the fact that we always take one home.
Peony is my favorite flower so of course I had to grab this one. It's a pretty subtle scent which I actually prefer. Usually flowery scents can be a little overpowering, but this one is perfect.
Lastly, we choose pineapple lily because it strangely reminded us of honeysuckle. It's really amazing smelling though without being too fruity.
My mom's present to me were these two product. I still have a fragrance mist and lotion that I bought in January so I wanted to pick something new out. The foaming sugar scrub is actually really cool. It starts off as any sugar scrub, but as you rub it in the texture changes to more of a soapy consistency. The Diamond Shimmer Mist is just like a fragrance mist, but with hint of glitter. Honestly I wasn't that impressed with the amount of glitter. You can barely tell it's there so you might as well just get the fragrance mist. The scent, Love and Sunshine, is the perfect summery scent. It is a bit floral with a bit of citrus as well. 

If I had to choose just one from each type to recommend I would said the peony candle and the sugar scrub. Those two are the best. :)


April 26, 2016

DIY Barstool Nightstand

Hello lovelies! 
 For the longest time, Caleb and I had these boring, black nightstands from Wal-Mart. They had no storage other than the top of the table and were definitely not cute. Especially when the most of our furniture was white and gray; the black looked way out of place.
Then one day on pinterest I saw something similar to this and they seemed perfect! I went to my parents house, found these bar stools that had been there forever and went to work. Here's how you can make one yourself!

You will need:
Bar stool
Roll of Twine

1. Sand down the entire bar stool
2. Paint the bar stool a color of your choice and let dry

Forming the Shelves
(This step was the most time consuming)
1. Begin by wrapping the twine around one of the wooden supports and then the one parallel to it.
2. Repeat this step, pulling as tightly as you can. 
3. As you wrap the twine, push the rows together as close as possible. This ensures that the shelf is as strong as it possibly can be.
5. When you can't wrap anymore, tie a knot connecting the end of your twine to one of the rows against the legs.  For additionally security you could hot glue the knot against the leg.
6. Repeat this step for the supports on the bottom as well.

And voila! You're new nightstands are now done! I love the extra storage the shelves of this nightstand add and they are the perfect height for my bed.
If you end up trying this project out, let me know! I'd love to see the finished product