June 10, 2016

Air Force, Airports, and Tearful Goodbyes

Hello lovelies!
It's been a while since I've posted on here. May was an absolutely crazy month full of so many events. The biggest being that Caleb left for basic training on May 31st.
We've been preparing for his leave for about 2 months, but it wasn't any easier.

Monday night we had a family dinner at Cheesecake Factory in Columbus. After dinner he had to go to his hotel for the night. That was hard, seeing him go. Even though I knew I would see him the next morning, the realization that he would be leaving soon really set in once we walked into the hotel. 

We arrived at MEPS the next morning to see him swear in and oh my goodness I was beaming with pride! It was so cute watching him line up with the other trainees and to hear him say the words that would make him an Airman.
To be honest, its kind of sexy watching him be all official and military
Thankfully we were also able to spend 4 hours with him at the airport. We got boarding passes and sat with him at his gate while we waited for his plane. Actually watching him board the plane broke my heart though. Surprisingly I didn't full on cry, just a couple of tears. I'm so proud of his choice to join and excited to see where this chapter of our lives lead. 
It's been almost 2 weeks since he left now and I still miss him like crazy. The first few days were HORRIBLE, but it's definitely gotten better. I don't expect I'll ever feel 100% okay though until he's back in my arms. Only 40 more days until his graduation! I'll go more in depth on my experience with BMT after his graduation and am looking forward to sharing it with y'all. The same goes for how graduation goes.

I'll talk to y'all again soon.


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