July 27, 2016

Texas, Here I Come! // July Mood Board

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If you're reading this I am probably somewhere in the middle of the USA on my way to San Antonio!! After Waiting 7 1/2 weeks I finally get to see my hubby graduate from the USAF! I am so incredibly proud of him and cannot wait to see him this Thursday! I've never been to Texas before so I am extremely excited for this road trip. It's about 15 hours, but it'll all be worth it once I see Caleb's face at Lackland AFB!
. . . 
Watching: Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy
Playing: The Ark and Pokemon Go!
Listening To: Heathens by Twenty One Pilots & 21 Summers by Brothers Osborne
Current Loves: journalling, spotify, and getting my nails done

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