August 9, 2016

Tech School, Texas and New Beginnings

Hey y'all! 
The photo above has practically been my view for the last month. I've definitely racked up lots of miles this summer. First was the drive to the beach in North Carolina, then to Texas, then Ohio, and tomorrow it's back to Texas again. By tomorrow night I will have spent more than 80 hours in a car for travelling since July 20th! How crazy is that? 
P.S. I know my TPMS light is on, but I pinkie promise I'm not driving on a flat! Just don't have a sensor on one of my tires. No worries! 
Why have I travelled this much? Well, summer vacays and air force graduation were the biggest thing. While we were at Lackland AFB, Caleb received his orders for tech school. We were so sure that Mississippi would be our home for the next few months, but God had other plans. So Texas bound we are again! I'm not exactly sure how long we'll be there, but we're estimating between 6 and 8 months! The verdict is still out on if we can live together too. Regardless, I knew I wanted to be down there. We've done the long distance thing time and time again. We both agreed it was not something we wanted to do for tech school too. 
I took a day break after my first Texas trip before heading back to Ohio to pack out ENTIRE apartment. I walked through the door around 3:00pm and by 3 o'clock the next afternoon we were officially done! Don't ask me how I managed it, but I did. I'm so lucky I had the fabulous help of my father-in-law, mother-in-law, and my hubby's best friend. Otherwise there's no way I could have finished it as quickly as I did. 
This was our bedroom around 6. That's when I could start to tell progress was being made, but man on man was I physically exhausted! As I'm writing this I'm in Indiana, spending a few more days with my family before I leave early tomorrow morning. I don't know when I'll get that chance to visit again for a while, so I'm glad I get to see them now. 
The drive to our new home is about 12 hours! I've got a great playlist, lots of yummy road trip snacks, and a back seat full of our essentials. By this time tomorrow it'll be me and Roku somewhere in the middle of the U.S. I can't wait to start this new chapter in our life. Texas is somewhere I've always been curious to live in, so now I get the chance to feed that curiosity! 
Do any of y'all live in Texas? We're about 2 hours from Dallas so any place I just HAVE to see while we're here?