September 7, 2016

Space Babe // September Mood Board

Hello lovelies!
Did y'all have an amazing labor day weekend? Caleb had Friday-Monday off which was so amazing to get to spend 4 days together. Due to his class length we don't get to live together, so when weekends come around we're both pretty happy. Especially since he's now allowed to spend the night on the weekends. :)
  I've gotten back into playing Animal Crossing. I'm sure most people have played that game at some point in their life. I go through phases where I'm obsessed with a game and will play it nonstop, then wont play it for like months. Right now I'm obsessed with this game. It's just so darn cute!  
Also, how dreamy is this moodboard?! I'm in love with these colors 
. . .
Watching: Stranger Things, Sailor Moon, and Steven Universe
Playing: Pokemon GO! | Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Current Loves: everything holographic, crystals, and 4 day weekends with Caleb :)

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