November 22, 2016

Let Them Eat Cake // November Mood Board

This mood board is by far one of my absolute favorites! The colors, the paintings, the textures...aah! This aesthetic is everything.
We're  1 1/2 days to Thanksgiving! Tomorrow is Caleb's "Friday" and then we get a 4-day weekend together!!! Woohoo! I plan on binge watching a lot of netflix, stuffing my face, getting out to enjoy the weather, and maybe even a little Black Friday shopping. This is our first Thanksgiving away from any of our families so it'll be a bit of a change, but we're making the most of it. We've swapped out the huge turkey for 3lbs of turkey breast and will be making a few smaller versions of our favorite sides. Plus there will be cheesecake, so honestly what could be better than that! :)

We're also about a month away from moving. Still no hard orders, but I'm hoping they'll come soon. The coolest thing is, if all goes as planned, we will be starting our new year in our new state. The perfect beginning to a new chapter in our life. Until then I'm enjoying our last few weeks in Texas and bracing myself for the weather change we're about to get ourselves into!
. . .
Excited for: The new Disney movie Moana & long weekends with my husband
Watching: The Crown on Netflix (It's amazing!!)
Doing: Playing Animal Crossing:New Leaf (there was an update (: ) and spending to much time on YouTube/Tumblr
Loving: Target Dollar Spot's winter page flags, to do lists, period dramas


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