November 12, 2017

One Month of Bliss | Isla Makai did we get here so fast!? It feels like just the other day we brought this little one home. But at the same time I can't picture what life was like without her.

As I'm sure you've probably guessed by now, yesterday Miss Isla turned 1 month old. Her last month has been filled with so many wonderful moments. I want to just bottle this all up and savor her this little forever.
. . .
weight | As of yesterday's appointment she weighs 8lbs 3 oz! That's 21 ounce up from 2 weeks ago. She's gonna chunk up before we know it!
height | They didn't measure her at this appointment, but at 2 weeks she was 21 1/2 inches
sleep | She gives us about 1 big 4-5 hour stretch at night, and then wakes up every 2-3 hours after that until she's ready for the day. I'm starting to notice more of routine with her naps which is nice
eating | This girl loves to eat. She'll be on the boob whenever she gets the chance. 
likes | cuddles with mama and daddy, nature sounds, being outdoors, and bath time
dislikes | being laid down for too long. Thank God for our baby wrap
favorite moment | How can I choose just one?! If I had too I'd say the moment when we both wake up and seeing her sweet face smiling at mine.
milestones | She's smiling more and more. Making sweet coos and you can tell she's actually starting to "see" the world. She's also SO strong! Those legs and neck muscles are working hard. She also met grandparent's for the first time last week! It was so nice having my parent's close again. 
. . .

I love her more and more each day and can't believe God blessed us with such an amazing little girl. As much as I want her to stay this tiny forever, me and Caleb are also looking forward to watching her grow. 


October 28, 2017

Day at the Pumpkin Patch | Life Lately

 My absolute favorite part of the fall season, aside from fashion, is taking a trip to the pumpkin patch! Nothing really feels more autumnal than this, does it? We had been waiting for Isla to be born before we went, so last tuesday we finally made it out.

The farm we went to was so adorable. There was a corn maze, hay maze, a petting zoo, a huge trampoline, yummy treats to snack on, and of course a self-pick pumpkin patch.
Caleb's favorite part is the corn maze, which I had never done before. Well it definitely lived up to it's expectations, because we were in the baby for over an hour. Caleb had to pull out the map and navigate us out. 

Isla slept in the carrier the entire time. She loves to be as close to me or her daddy as she can be. We also got there right around sunset which made everything extra glowy and golden. So pretty! Made everything a little dream like.

We each picked out pumpkins to carve. Caleb chose a green one so that he can make a Shrek pumpkin. Mine's the traditional, round one cause ya know... #basic. We even picked a sweet baby pumpkin for Isla.

 Also how cute are these animals!
Obviously I had to make Caleb and the baby stand by this sign. Although I think it's off by like 6 inches, but hey they're still cute! 
Celebrating the season with this little one is already so much fun. It'll be great coming back here as Isla gets bigger and watching her grow.

Have y'all had a chance to explore a pumpkin patch this year? What are you planning on carving into your pumpkins? 


October 20, 2017

Maple Holistics' Tea Tree Oil Shampoo | Products Im Loving

Recently, Maple Holistics' reached out to me to try one of their shampoos! I'm a huge fan of using products with as natural ingredients as possible. That's why I was super excited to try this brand out. Not only are their products made of natural ingredients, but they are also cruelty free! Score!!
I was sent their tea tree oil shampoo. Tea tree oil has so many benefits; from healing acne, improving dandruff, encouraging hair growth, and reducing hair loss. 

The shampoo itself smells good, without being overpowering which I was afraid it might be. I've been using it for the last 2 weeks now. After the first use my hair honestly felt squeaky clean and stronger. Since then I've also noticed I can go longer between washes without my hair feeling oily. As a new mom this has been awesome since there isn't exactly a ton of time to wash my hair.
My husband has been using the shampoo as well. He has thick, oily hair and tends to struggle with dandruff. So when he heard about the potential benefits of tea tree oil, he was in on trying it too! His hair has been less oily as well, as well as noticed less dandruff which is a total plus.

At less than $9 the shampoo is a little pricey compared to drugstore shampoos, but I would say if you're really struggling with oily hair or dandruff than it's worth it. 

There are so many other amazing products on the site from shampoo, conditioner, oils, and serums. Plus they come in multiple essential oils depending on your needs/preference. 

The best part is you have the opportunity to try it for yourself with their free samples program! All you have to do is fill out a quick form, select your product of choice and you're good to go!

Let me know if y'all give this brand a try!


October 15, 2017

Isla's Birth Story

3 days before my due date I woke up as I normally would; wobble out of bed, throw up, then grab breakfast from kitchen. Nothing seemed different until I (TMI) went to the bathroom and noticed part of the mucus plug. Now I  already lost most of it 3 days before so I didn't really think much of it. This time however there was a bit of blood. I had remembered all these women's stories of a "bloody show," so I wandered back into the bedroom where Caleb was sleeping.
"Not quite sure, but I think baby might come today," I told him. I was hoping so badly I was right, but a lot of me felt I was just looking for signs that weren't really there.

 We kept going about our day as normal, watching Gotham on Netflix and cuddling before he went to work. My back and stomach had a dull ache, which majority of me said was just part of pregnancy. I had been having off and on aches for the last few days, so I wasn't sure if these aches were just like the previous days. Around 9pm my husband left for work and I noticed more blood. Cramping was still there, but didn't exactly feel painful or in any pattern.

I kept texting my mom and husband telling them about it; trying to figure out what each little ache and twinge meant. Around 10:00pm they started to get a little stronger so I tried timing every time I felt what felt like a gas pain. The timing was super inconsistent. Some 10 minutes apart, then 3, then 45, then 12. I could tell something was happening, but it wasn't exactly like I'd imagined either. My husband and I were texting the entire time. The process was honestly frustrating. Was I making it up? What is it really suppose to feel like? I didn't really "know" and was afraid it was all for nothing. Would she be here in 24 hours or was she still days away. I wanted so badly for Caleb to come home just for emotional support. Instead I passed the time with Gilmore Girls and fueling myself on Skittles. 
Around 4am is when things changed! The cramps would come, making me squirm to try to combat the intensity.  I started texting my husband a pig emoji every time it hurt with them coming every 10 to 15 minutes now. I was starting to get anxious. My husband was stuck at work until 8am. I remember at 5:30am just crying, wanting Caleb so bad, but not wanting to get him in trouble if it all turned out to be nothing. I got up to pee, more blood, then up came the chips. The next 3 hours were the worst. I tried to sleep, waking up every 15 minutes to run to the bathroom, throw up, and try to stretch the pain away. Finally around 8:00 am Caleb came home. and we headed to the hospital.

The car ride there I remember staring at the clock trying to time the pain. 
It almost worked as a distraction.
We arrived there at 9am and went straight to labor and delivery. My husband told the nurses, "I think she's in labor."
They sent him down to registration and sent me to a room. I changed into a gown and a nurse came into check me.

I was a 2 almost 3 I think. I can't really remember.  Between the complete lack of sleep and the pain it all was a daze. They monitored my contractions and baby's heart rate. I just laid in bed breathing through the contractions, listening to Isla's heartbeat, and occasionally throwing up.The nurse came back and said she'd like to check if she accidentally broke my waters. 20 minutes later she came back and said "Well you're staying! Your water's broke." I was so relieved to know that I wasn't going to be sent home. My baby was coming soon!

At 9:45 am they called my OB/GYN who checked me again. I was a definite 3 now. She wanted to monitor my contractions internally. Oh this part hurt! I was contracting, her hands were shoved however far up me, plus the IUPC going inside me. My husband said he was kind of mad watching because I looked like I was in so much pain. I just kept reminding myself:
 "Once this is done you're going to get the epidural. You'll stop being in pain. Just a little while longer."
Shortly after the anesthesiologist came in. My heart was racing afraid it'd hurt, but kept reminding myself again "a little more pain and it'll all be better." They had me sit on the edge of the bed, pushed a table in front my me and my husband standing in front of that.  I hugged a pillow while my husband hugged me. They cleaned my back off and then came the part everyone said hurt the worst, the numbing injection. To my surprise  felt like nothing to me. No worse than pricking your finger on a thumbtack.

At this point my husband's head was slightly digging into the top of mine. I tried to tap him off and then next thing I know I see him in the arms of one of the nurses passed out! I couldn't see much else due to the anesthesiologist still in my back but I hear them lower him to the floor. A nurse says "nice catch!," and someone rushed off to get him juice. My nurse came over and started comforting me in place of Caleb. Then a 2nd nurse grabs my phone and takes a picture of the whole situation. She said this is something we'll definitely want to remember.
Next thing I know I'm laying back down into bed with Caleb back up by my side. Slowly the pain all went away and my legs turned tingly. I was finally able to relax. I quickly fell into sleep and Caleb did too on the pull out couch. We slept from 11:00 am until 1:30pm. I only woke up to get checked again at noon where I was a 4. I think they gave me pitocin to try to speed up contractions at one point but I can't remember when.

At 2:00 pm the nurse came back into check me one more time. My whole body was shaking so badly it almost hurt. The nurse said I could be reaching transition and that's why I was shaking so bad. Last time we had talked they didn't think she'd be coming soon, so it was to every one's surprise when she check and said "There's no cervix left! Get ready to push mama! We're calling your doctor."

I was shocked and started to get so excited as we waited for the doctor. The nurses began bringing the supplies into the room. I quickly called my parents to tell them I'll be pushing soon.
However,  I was still shaking so they checked my temperature. It was 102.  The baby was starting to get antsy with a heart rate up around 180. The doctor's didn't seem terribly concerned, but just said we need to get this baby out soon. They slapped an oxygen mask on me which helped so much with the shaking and throughout the delivery.

At 2:30 I started pushing, with each contraction baring down 3 times. I could feel the pressure in my stomach when the contraction started, signalling me to take a deep breath and push with all my might. I counted through them.

"Inhale! 1, 2, 3, 4...10! Deep breath in and 1,2 3, 4..."

The more I pushed the more pressure I could feel in my pelvis. It honestly made me so happy feeling it, knowing that was my baby. She was getting closer. 
This continued for about an hour before the doctor grabbed a vacuum to help her out. Babies heart rate was rising more and they were concerned for her temperature as well. About 10 more contractions and then I saw her.
3:40 pm
They pulled her out of me, her body covered in vernix all tiny and pink. I couldn't believe it. All I could think was "She's mine. That's my baby." I looked at Caleb as if to say "Can you believe this?" 

It all felt surreal her being there with me actually TOUCHING her. My 2nd thoughts were how tiny she was, followed by "I can't believe I practically starved her for weeks due to hyperemesis." 
She had a temperature of 100.4 I think. They had me hold her close so her temperature would equal out. All the nurses started cleaning the room up and by 4 o'clock it was just us 3.

Isla, Caleb & Me.

It all happened so fast. Not even the doctors/nurses though it'd happen as fast as it did. But it did , and she is here, and I am absolutely so incredibly in love with her.

Everyday since has been the best days of my life. I feel so blessed to be her mother and be able to raise this sweet girl with such an amazing man as my husband. 

October 11, 2017

Hello Isla Makai

. . .
We welcomed Isla Makai Herron into the world on
October 10,2017 at 03:40 pm
6lbs 12 oz and 19 1/2 inches of sweetness

Birth story to come soon.

September 25, 2017

Fall Wardrobe Must Haves | All Under $100

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
. . .
Ahhh autumn is here! I've been so excited to break out the scarves and denim for months now! Finally the weather here in Washington has cooled down, so I get to break out the pieces I love. Here's just a few pieces that I'm excited to rock this season. The best part is they are all under $100!


September 22, 2017

37 Weeks Pregnant | Bump Update

Woah we've made it to term! Although she still has 3 weeks left until her guess date, she could technically come any day now! The baby countdown is on! Both Caleb and I were born at 37 weeks so we'll see if she decided to be a little early too. 

She's head down and ready to go based off ultrasounds. I've definitely been feeling a lot more pressure/back pain as a result. My bump has gotten HUGE. I kinda love it though, despite all the stretch marks it's given me.

Yesterday we went to a giant bi-annual consignment sale and picked up a bunch of cute pieces for her. Other than maybe bottles(which I'm not in a rush to buy) we've bought everything for Miss Isla we wanted to. All that's left on my "to do list" is to clean the house and stock up on some basics/food for the first couple of weeks with her.

Overall I'm so excited though! The whole family can't wait to meet her. I'm especially excite for when my parents and in-laws fly/drive up here to meet her too. 
Not much longer now...

How far along? 37 weeks + 1 day
Total weight gain: Still at -14 from my pre-pregnancy. My roll of 1 lb a week stopped about two weeks ago. Oh well....
Maternity clothes? The stretchier the better at this point. I need more maternity jeans, but at the same time we're so close to the end what's the point of buying more?
Stretch marks? They're popping up everywhere lately. So many on my hips and my lower belly. I'm trying to not hate it, but let's be real...they're not cute.
Sleep: Normal :)
Best moment: Feeling/Seeing her roll around in my tummy. Finally completing the ever so long baby shopping list.
Miss anything? I really wish I could fit in some of my old clothes :(
Movement: Lots of rolls and kicks
Food cravings: Key lime yogurt and apples
Anything making you queasy or sick: I'm always nauseous, but it's definitely better and better each week
Gender: Girl
Labor signs: If I'm on my feet for longer than 10 minutes I get super crampy, back pains. Also lightning crotch is real haha. My body is getting ready, I can tell.
Symptoms: Heartburn and cramping
Belly button in or out? It's halfies. The top is out, but the bottom is in
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Her birth!


August 4, 2017

30 Weeks Pregnant | Bump Update

As of yesterday I have officially hit 30 weeks! I'd been looking forward to this milestone for a while. There's just something about 10, 20, and 30 weeks that make it special. Plus the week countdown has reached the single digits which makes it all feel so soon!

We had an ultrasound yesterday to check on the size of baby and make sure she's not falling behind. My bump had been measuring kind of small at the last appointment. Everything is perfect though! In fact her head was measuring at about 33 weeks and legs measuring at 32. So she's gonna have a big round head and long legs just like her parents! I loved getting to see her sweet face on the monitor. She was sucking her thumb which is quite possibly one of the cutest things ever!!!
. . .
How far along? 30 Weeks + 1 Day
Total weight gain: I gained back 8 of the 28 lbs I had lost! So now we're only at -20 
Maternity clothes? I bought my first pair of maternity jeans on Monday. (Less than $8 at Old Navy!) I'm still on the hunt for some shorts though.
Stretch marks? Just my hip/love handle area
Sleep: As normal as it can be with a husband on the night shift.
Best moment: Seeing her cute face at the ultrasound appointment
Miss anything? Not really
Movement: She moving like crazy right when I wake up now
Food cravings: Wendy's chicken nuggets and BBQ sauce
Anything making you queasy or sick: When aren't I queasy or sick?!
Gender: Still a girl
Labor signs: Nope, but I think I'm starting to experience braxton hicks occasionally. I'm not sure though.
Symptoms: Just the usual
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off?  On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy :)
Looking forward to: Setting up her crib in a few weeks
. . .
Just like my appointments I'll be updating every two weeks now, so keep an eye out for that!

July 31, 2017

BMT Graduation: Day Two // Parade and Town Pass

Exactly a year later I am finally getting to part 2 of the Air Force graduation ceremony! In fact July 28th last year was the first day of graduation weekend. Oh my goodness, I am horrible I know! My first post has been getting a lot of traffic lately, so I thought it would only be right for me to finish the series off. Especially if it can help someone out there who is new to the Air Force life. So let's jump into it.
. . .
Friday morning I woke up super early again due to the excitement of seeing my husband. I think I was awake at like 5:30 am. Caleb's mom woke up about 45 minutes after that. We quickly ate our breakfast and headed back to base early as usual. Getting anywhere early is super important, because even though we were almost 2 hours early there was still so many people already there.
Friday's event is at the parade grounds. It's a giant, grass field surrounding by a bunch of historical planes. You really can't miss it. There's also multiple airman around base directing parking, so don't worry about getting lost. When in doubt, just follow the crowds!

By the time we got to the seats, they were already PACKED with families. Thankfully it was just me and Charlotte otherwise finding a decent spot would've be next to impossible.  One thing completely different than the day before was the sun beating down directly on us. If you remember, we chose our spots at the coin ceremony so we were out of the sun. Friday however there was no getting around it. The sun was right in our faces, which made it super fun while we waited for parade to start.

After what felt like forever it was finally 9am and all of the graduates started to take formation onto the field. Finding Caleb in this crowd was definitely harder this time round. The airman are much further away than they are at the coin ceremony. One key tip is to pay attention to the flags! We used our cameras like the day before to check the flags for his heritage flight and then find his face in the crowd. We did find him though!
They'll do a speech just like yesterday, a quick moment honoring MTI's, and after all that the "parade" portion starts. This was the best part, because they walk directly in front of you. We got extra lucky because Caleb was on the side closest to the bleachers whhere we could clearly see his cute face.

 They'll march through before heading back onto the field. The Air Force song is played, planes will fly overhead, and then the ceremony come to an end.
 Then the best part happens...we get to tap them out!!
I'm super squinty here, but it's the only photo I have of us on this day! So I just gotta deal with it...oh well!
Once you tap your airman out, you'll walk back to your car with them and get to head to their squadron for a tour of the dorms! Although it was very brief, I was super excited to see where he had been living for the last 2 months. They'll show you their lockers and their beds. Be careful not to step on anything shiny or knock things out of place. They'll probably even mention that to you, I know Caleb did.

He was so bald! I definitely don't miss the shaved head.

Once the tour is over they're free to go on the first day of town pass. There's a limit on how far from base you can go, as well as the places you can visit, but there's still so much to do! First stop for Caleb was our hotel so he could completely chill out and watch TV without worrying about someone getting onto him. We spent the rest of the day just enjoying each others company, went out to eat, and basically savoring every second of "freedom" before he had to go back for curfew.

Just like every day on this weekend, saying goodbye is hard. Curfew for Friday is 8:00pm, but we got there a little early to make sure he wasn't late.

Day 2 down, 2 more to go!
I promise to get the post for the last few days up much faster than I did this one, so keep an eye out for that! If you'll be heading to BMT graduation and have any questions don't hesitate to ask! I'd love to help and meet other Air Force wives!


July 28, 2017

2nd Trimester Must Haves | Pregnancy Essentials

I'm going to be super cliche here and say it, but I can't believe we're past the 2nd trimester! Everyone says the 2nd trimester is where things get easier and that's definitely true. Although it still had it's problems as well, but hey that's pregnancy for ya.
Most of the things I said in my 1st trimester must-haves where heavily used this trimester as well, but there were a few new things this trimester.
. . .
1. Heartburn Meds
Oh heartburn, how you suck! I've been popping heartburn meds like candy these past few weeks. It only gets worse as the baby grows too. Fun fun...
2. Pregnancy Journal
I bought a journal shortly after I got a positive test. The plan was to document all the little moments of pregnancy as if I were talking to the baby. I thought it'd be something sweet she could have when she's older. I'm already loving how much it helps me remember the little things and would definitely suggest you try it yourself!
3. Flowy, Twirly Dresses
As my belly continues to grow and the sun gets hotter, nothing sounds better to wear each day than a comfy flowy dress. I have 3 dresses that I pretty much just rotate through each day.
4. Bubble Gum
This goes along with the heartburn issue as well. I have packs of gum all over the house, in my purse, the car, etc. Basically try to keep it on my at all times. It significantly helps with all the heartburn and indigestion I've been fighting with.
5. Bralettes
They're way comfier than a normal bra, but still help me feel cute. As you can tell, comfy is basically the most important quality in my clothes lately.
6. Moisturizing Da Bump
Still trying to keep that bump nice and lotioned up! I have yet to have any stretch marks on my belly so it must be working!
. . .
Only one more trimester to go. As of yesterday I'm officially 29 weeks, woohoo!! Anything you'd add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!


July 26, 2017

DIY Succulent Garden | Less Than $10

Hello everyone! 
Today I wanted to share with you a super quick and easy DIY project for a succulent garden. All the supplies are from the dollar tree, except for the bowl which was from TJ Maxx for like $3. In total it only cost $9 for all my supplies. You could totally make it cheaper by using a container you already had or picking up one at the Dollar Tree as well. I was totally surprised by the selection of faux succulents the Dollar Tree had. They're a super cute size and looked pretty realistic as well.

 This garden is perfect for any home and completely customizable for your style. Plus because it's made with faux plants you don't have to worry about killing them, which I know is a positive for many busy people. With back to school coming up I could totally see this working in any dorm as well!
Without further adieu let's talk on how to make it!
. . .
You will need:
• Planter/Bowl
• Faux Succulents
• Small rocks
• Newspaper or Plastic Bags
• Larger Rocks and Decor Pieces (optional)
. . .
STEP ONE: Fill in your bowl with newspaper
You could also use plastic bags. This saves the amount of rocks you need. Don't worry about it being messy, it will be completely covered by the rocks and plants in the end.

STEP TWO: Add your filler rocks
Take the smaller rocks and cover the newspaper, filling up the rest of the container.

STEP THREE: Add in your succulents. 
This was the longest part of the whole project as I messed around with the layout of the plants. Just push the plants down into the rocks until you're happy with how they look!

STEP FOUR: Add some decor pieces
This part is optional, but I really love how it pulled the whole garden together.This is your time to really get creative with what you add. Some examples would be glass pebbles, little figurines, moss, etc. I added a couple of larger black rocks and a cute metal origami crane to the mix.  

And your done! A super cute succulent garden that can survive it all!
I have our laying on ours laying on our coffee table with a real plant. I totally blends in as real itself. I love the pops of green it adds without ever having to worry about not watering it enough or too much.

If any of y'all make one for yourself let me know. I'd love to see a photo of how it turned out. You can send it to me on insta!