January 19, 2017

Cleaning Schedule + Free Printable

I'm probably the minority here, but I for one love to clean. As crazy as this probably sounds, it's kinda fun to  pretend I'm a 1950s housewife, getting the house pretty and dinner started while my husband's away at work. Minus all the oppression and patriarchal standards of the time period of course! Sometimes though cleaning can become a tad overwhelming. There's day when I'll wake up and never want to even touch a broom. No matter how badly the house may need it. I find it a bit easier when I break down the tasks into a list rather than looking at a messy room and trying to determine where to start. This is even better when the tasks are scheduled for each day of the week rather than doing everything all at once.
Now that we're in our new apartment I wanted to make sure it stays are pretty as it was when we first moved in. To help with that I put together a little schedule to keep the dust bunnies at bay and myself on track.
I for one will be printing this baby out and popping it onto my fridge as a reminder. If you'd like to do the same you can save the schedule here!

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