January 14, 2017

We Moved To . . . // Life Update

Hey! These last 3 weeks have been absolutely insane! I feel like I'm just now getting a chance to catch my breath and really evaluate everything that's going on. On the 22nd of December, Caleb graduated from tech school! He got hard orders the 21st. So between then and late afternoon the 22nd we were rushing around everywhere for out processing and trying to prepared for our move to...guess where??? WASHINGTON!! Washington was never one of those places I thought I'd never go. Not because it's bad or anything, but I just didn't think there was anything for me in the Pacific Northwest. Well apparently God has other plans, because here we are!

We didn't go straight from Texas to Washington. We were moving during the holidays, so we wanted to make a pit stop in both Indiana and Ohio before we moved 2500 miles away! It was so amazing to get to spend Christmas Eve with my parents and siblings. Christmas 2014 & 2015 had both been spent in Ohio so it was so nice to get to do Christmas back home again. Christmas day we drove from Indiana to Ohio for Christmas Part 2. Getting to spend practically a week with family was a big reminder for how sucky living so far away is. Especially when I spend time with my nieces/nephews because they grow up so much in between visits!! They're so cute and little and it totally sucks not getting to see their cute faces more! 
💙 💙 💙
Well the 28th is when the REAL adventure began. It was 6 days through uncharted territory; we drove almost 3000 miles through illinois to south dakota to montana and of course Washington. In the end I think we went through 13 different states by the end of this trip. Definitely the biggest trip Caleb and I had ever been on in our life!
We stopped at a couple of weird off road sites. I made Caleb take a few pictures :P

He was a little cold
 Trip was going good until we hit this middle of nowhere spot in Montana on New Year's Day. We met a jerk semi driver and a tree and . . .
So yeah that happened. We were all safe and sound though and it was very very minimal so we were super blessed in that department. 
Regardless, we made it! We're here in Olympia and enjoying every second of it while we can. It's exciting and a scary being in such a new place, but I love the adventure. 2017 has barely started and it's already a whirlwind of a year. We have an amazing new apartment we're slowly turning into a "home" and loads of plans for the future that I just know we're going to knock out of the park.


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