April 19, 2017

Twenty in My Twenties

Last year on my twentieth birthday I started a list of twenty things I wanted to accomplish during my twenties. Easter Sunday was my 21st birthday, so I thought I'd finally share this list with y'all.
. . .
1. Have all my babies
2. Travel to a new continent(or two)
3. Start my career
4. Learn to love my body
5. Find a sport I love
6. Get my degree
7. Visit Disney World
8.Take up Photography
9. Find my go-to potluck dish
10. Learn a language
11. Perfect winged liner
12. Build a house
13. Go on a zipline
14. Successfully do a handstand
15. Swim like a mermaid
16. Run a 5k, 1/2 marathon, and marathon
17. Have 10,000 in a savings account
18. Get certified in something cool
19. Go backpacking
20. Try cosplay
. . .
I really haven't "completed" anything on this list. I've definitely started though. I mean goal #1 we're working on right now! Goal #4 I know I've definitely improved on in the last year. And I have multiple other plans in the future for the others. Let's see what I accomplish by this time next year.

 I hope y'all are doing awesome and I'll see ya in the next post.

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