May 23, 2017

Laundry Baskets and Monkey Husbands | My Weekend in Photos

Hey y'all! 
How was your weekend? Here at the Herron house we had a super fun weekend full of play and productivity. The weather here is FINALLY turning into sunshine and warm days! Hallelujah! (It's suppose to hit almost 90 today!) It's perfect timing as I am starting to feel a million times better with this pregnancy sickness. So we wanted to take full advantage of it all!

It started in the morning with me deciding to tackle this GIANT laundry mess that had accumulated in our closet. I'm telling y'all it was bad; like barely able to open the closet bad. I couldn't tell what was clean and what a dirty for a lot of it, so I washed it all. 😖

All this plus our bedsheets! It feels good though knowing it's all fresh and smelling nice. 
I also wanted to redo our budget and actually open my planner again. When I got sick I kind of just ignored my bank account and planner. Not in a dangerous way, but an "I just couldn't care to keep track of it all" way. I'm a list girl/planner though so I needed to take control of it all again.

My husband through this all was waiting patiently for me to finish because he wanted to go fly his new drone. Saturday night at like 9:30pm we made an impromptu trip to Walmart for cottage cheese. (These pregnancy cravings!)  We passed the toy section and he saw some kids looking at the RC vehicles. My husband, being practically an 8 year old at times,said "Those kids look like they're gonna buy a drone! I'm an adult and I have money. Can I get a drone?" 15 minutes later he's walking to the check-out counter, drone in hand. So all day Sunday he was excited to take it to the park to fly.
It is kind of cool honestly, because it has a video camera so we can stream/take photos as he's flying it. He was loving it until the battery died....above a tree.
 Thus the climbing began!
 Ratchet straps and dog leashes were used...
 Undocumented was the super nice man who must've been watching us from across the street for the hour and a half we were messing. He came over with 2 ladders and a 10ft 2x4 so Caleb could climb up there and finally knock it down! I was clutching my hands praying at the sight of him 20ft into the tree, but God had it and it turned out alright in the end. 
 Night ended with us enjoying a very summery dinner(I was craving corn, hubby wanted hot dogs) and then hitting the hay. 

It seems like a really simple weekend, but honestly those tend to be some of the best ones! What did y'all do this weekend? Anyone else spend theirs up in a tree like my husband? 

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