May 21, 2017

Week 14 to 19 Bumpdate

Hey again!
Well these last few weeks of pregnancy have been crazy! I was starting to feel really great around week 15, week 17 everything took a u-turn, and now at almost 20 we're getting back on track. I remember being just a few weeks and thinking how crazy it'll be when we get to the halfway mark. Now we're practically here!
. . .
Nausea Sucks. Seriously. I thought I was in the clear, then 2 weeks ago my body decided "let's throw up EVERYTHING you could possibly ingest!!" So for a whole week I ate nothing, but gatorade and like 3 bites of applesauce a day. Which 90% of the time didn't stay in my belly long. Fun right?! It was the same thing I had dealt with back in week 6-10. Today I am thankfully feeling "normal" again. Thank God it didn't last much longer and praying we don't have another bad spell.

Kicking Up a Storm.  Oh boy this baby is soooo active. That's one thing the Dr says each heartbeat and ultrasound. This baby is a mover and I can finally feel it. (They're even moving around in there as I type this ❤ ) It's crazy, but even Caleb has felt/seen their little bumps. It seems so early, but I guess we just have an hyperactive babe.

Baby Gear. We really haven't bought much of anything for Baby H. In total we have 2 stuffed toys and 2 cloth diapers. We wanted to wait until we know the gender until we start buying things. However, seeing the cute little diapers and imagining baby H using them is cute and exciting. I think once we buy the crib it'll definitely feel more real too.

Gender. This Wednesday is our anatomy scan!!! Then we'll get to know if Baby H is a he or she. We already have a name picked out for a little girl. If it's a boy though who knows. We have our top choices, but haven't found anything we love. My guess is a little girl. Caleb just shrugs when I ask, so who knows what he's thinking. Last time I got an answer it was girl so we'll go with that. :)


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