July 28, 2017

2nd Trimester Must Haves | Pregnancy Essentials

I'm going to be super cliche here and say it, but I can't believe we're past the 2nd trimester! Everyone says the 2nd trimester is where things get easier and that's definitely true. Although it still had it's problems as well, but hey that's pregnancy for ya.
Most of the things I said in my 1st trimester must-haves where heavily used this trimester as well, but there were a few new things this trimester.
. . .
1. Heartburn Meds
Oh heartburn, how you suck! I've been popping heartburn meds like candy these past few weeks. It only gets worse as the baby grows too. Fun fun...
2. Pregnancy Journal
I bought a journal shortly after I got a positive test. The plan was to document all the little moments of pregnancy as if I were talking to the baby. I thought it'd be something sweet she could have when she's older. I'm already loving how much it helps me remember the little things and would definitely suggest you try it yourself!
3. Flowy, Twirly Dresses
As my belly continues to grow and the sun gets hotter, nothing sounds better to wear each day than a comfy flowy dress. I have 3 dresses that I pretty much just rotate through each day.
4. Bubble Gum
This goes along with the heartburn issue as well. I have packs of gum all over the house, in my purse, the car, etc. Basically try to keep it on my at all times. It significantly helps with all the heartburn and indigestion I've been fighting with.
5. Bralettes
They're way comfier than a normal bra, but still help me feel cute. As you can tell, comfy is basically the most important quality in my clothes lately.
6. Moisturizing Da Bump
Still trying to keep that bump nice and lotioned up! I have yet to have any stretch marks on my belly so it must be working!
. . .
Only one more trimester to go. As of yesterday I'm officially 29 weeks, woohoo!! Anything you'd add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!


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