July 31, 2017

BMT Graduation: Day Two // Parade and Town Pass

Exactly a year later I am finally getting to part 2 of the Air Force graduation ceremony! In fact July 28th last year was the first day of graduation weekend. Oh my goodness, I am horrible I know! My first post has been getting a lot of traffic lately, so I thought it would only be right for me to finish the series off. Especially if it can help someone out there who is new to the Air Force life. So let's jump into it.
. . .
Friday morning I woke up super early again due to the excitement of seeing my husband. I think I was awake at like 5:30 am. Caleb's mom woke up about 45 minutes after that. We quickly ate our breakfast and headed back to base early as usual. Getting anywhere early is super important, because even though we were almost 2 hours early there was still so many people already there.
Friday's event is at the parade grounds. It's a giant, grass field surrounding by a bunch of historical planes. You really can't miss it. There's also multiple airman around base directing parking, so don't worry about getting lost. When in doubt, just follow the crowds!

By the time we got to the seats, they were already PACKED with families. Thankfully it was just me and Charlotte otherwise finding a decent spot would've be next to impossible.  One thing completely different than the day before was the sun beating down directly on us. If you remember, we chose our spots at the coin ceremony so we were out of the sun. Friday however there was no getting around it. The sun was right in our faces, which made it super fun while we waited for parade to start.

After what felt like forever it was finally 9am and all of the graduates started to take formation onto the field. Finding Caleb in this crowd was definitely harder this time round. The airman are much further away than they are at the coin ceremony. One key tip is to pay attention to the flags! We used our cameras like the day before to check the flags for his heritage flight and then find his face in the crowd. We did find him though!
They'll do a speech just like yesterday, a quick moment honoring MTI's, and after all that the "parade" portion starts. This was the best part, because they walk directly in front of you. We got extra lucky because Caleb was on the side closest to the bleachers whhere we could clearly see his cute face.

 They'll march through before heading back onto the field. The Air Force song is played, planes will fly overhead, and then the ceremony come to an end.
 Then the best part happens...we get to tap them out!!
I'm super squinty here, but it's the only photo I have of us on this day! So I just gotta deal with it...oh well!
Once you tap your airman out, you'll walk back to your car with them and get to head to their squadron for a tour of the dorms! Although it was very brief, I was super excited to see where he had been living for the last 2 months. They'll show you their lockers and their beds. Be careful not to step on anything shiny or knock things out of place. They'll probably even mention that to you, I know Caleb did.

He was so bald! I definitely don't miss the shaved head.

Once the tour is over they're free to go on the first day of town pass. There's a limit on how far from base you can go, as well as the places you can visit, but there's still so much to do! First stop for Caleb was our hotel so he could completely chill out and watch TV without worrying about someone getting onto him. We spent the rest of the day just enjoying each others company, went out to eat, and basically savoring every second of "freedom" before he had to go back for curfew.

Just like every day on this weekend, saying goodbye is hard. Curfew for Friday is 8:00pm, but we got there a little early to make sure he wasn't late.

Day 2 down, 2 more to go!
I promise to get the post for the last few days up much faster than I did this one, so keep an eye out for that! If you'll be heading to BMT graduation and have any questions don't hesitate to ask! I'd love to help and meet other Air Force wives!


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