July 26, 2017

DIY Succulent Garden | Less Than $10

Hello everyone! 
Today I wanted to share with you a super quick and easy DIY project for a succulent garden. All the supplies are from the dollar tree, except for the bowl which was from TJ Maxx for like $3. In total it only cost $9 for all my supplies. You could totally make it cheaper by using a container you already had or picking up one at the Dollar Tree as well. I was totally surprised by the selection of faux succulents the Dollar Tree had. They're a super cute size and looked pretty realistic as well.

 This garden is perfect for any home and completely customizable for your style. Plus because it's made with faux plants you don't have to worry about killing them, which I know is a positive for many busy people. With back to school coming up I could totally see this working in any dorm as well!
Without further adieu let's talk on how to make it!
. . .
You will need:
• Planter/Bowl
• Faux Succulents
• Small rocks
• Newspaper or Plastic Bags
• Larger Rocks and Decor Pieces (optional)
. . .
STEP ONE: Fill in your bowl with newspaper
You could also use plastic bags. This saves the amount of rocks you need. Don't worry about it being messy, it will be completely covered by the rocks and plants in the end.

STEP TWO: Add your filler rocks
Take the smaller rocks and cover the newspaper, filling up the rest of the container.

STEP THREE: Add in your succulents. 
This was the longest part of the whole project as I messed around with the layout of the plants. Just push the plants down into the rocks until you're happy with how they look!

STEP FOUR: Add some decor pieces
This part is optional, but I really love how it pulled the whole garden together.This is your time to really get creative with what you add. Some examples would be glass pebbles, little figurines, moss, etc. I added a couple of larger black rocks and a cute metal origami crane to the mix.  

And your done! A super cute succulent garden that can survive it all!
I have our laying on ours laying on our coffee table with a real plant. I totally blends in as real itself. I love the pops of green it adds without ever having to worry about not watering it enough or too much.

If any of y'all make one for yourself let me know. I'd love to see a photo of how it turned out. You can send it to me on insta!

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