October 28, 2017

Day at the Pumpkin Patch | Life Lately

 My absolute favorite part of the fall season, aside from fashion, is taking a trip to the pumpkin patch! Nothing really feels more autumnal than this, does it? We had been waiting for Isla to be born before we went, so last tuesday we finally made it out.

The farm we went to was so adorable. There was a corn maze, hay maze, a petting zoo, a huge trampoline, yummy treats to snack on, and of course a self-pick pumpkin patch.
Caleb's favorite part is the corn maze, which I had never done before. Well it definitely lived up to it's expectations, because we were in the baby for over an hour. Caleb had to pull out the map and navigate us out. 

Isla slept in the carrier the entire time. She loves to be as close to me or her daddy as she can be. We also got there right around sunset which made everything extra glowy and golden. So pretty! Made everything a little dream like.

We each picked out pumpkins to carve. Caleb chose a green one so that he can make a Shrek pumpkin. Mine's the traditional, round one cause ya know... #basic. We even picked a sweet baby pumpkin for Isla.

 Also how cute are these animals!
Obviously I had to make Caleb and the baby stand by this sign. Although I think it's off by like 6 inches, but hey they're still cute! 
Celebrating the season with this little one is already so much fun. It'll be great coming back here as Isla gets bigger and watching her grow.

Have y'all had a chance to explore a pumpkin patch this year? What are you planning on carving into your pumpkins? 


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