November 12, 2017

One Month of Bliss | Isla Makai did we get here so fast!? It feels like just the other day we brought this little one home. But at the same time I can't picture what life was like without her.

As I'm sure you've probably guessed by now, yesterday Miss Isla turned 1 month old. Her last month has been filled with so many wonderful moments. I want to just bottle this all up and savor her this little forever.
. . .
weight | As of yesterday's appointment she weighs 8lbs 3 oz! That's 21 ounce up from 2 weeks ago. She's gonna chunk up before we know it!
height | They didn't measure her at this appointment, but at 2 weeks she was 21 1/2 inches
sleep | She gives us about 1 big 4-5 hour stretch at night, and then wakes up every 2-3 hours after that until she's ready for the day. I'm starting to notice more of routine with her naps which is nice
eating | This girl loves to eat. She'll be on the boob whenever she gets the chance. 
likes | cuddles with mama and daddy, nature sounds, being outdoors, and bath time
dislikes | being laid down for too long. Thank God for our baby wrap
favorite moment | How can I choose just one?! If I had too I'd say the moment when we both wake up and seeing her sweet face smiling at mine.
milestones | She's smiling more and more. Making sweet coos and you can tell she's actually starting to "see" the world. She's also SO strong! Those legs and neck muscles are working hard. She also met grandparent's for the first time last week! It was so nice having my parent's close again. 
. . .

I love her more and more each day and can't believe God blessed us with such an amazing little girl. As much as I want her to stay this tiny forever, me and Caleb are also looking forward to watching her grow. 


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