December 23, 2017

2 Months Old | Isla Makai

. . .
weight | 11 lbs and 2 oz
height | 25 inches 
sleep | Only really naps if she's being held, but at night she'll just latch on while we're both sleeping, so I never really have to fully wake up which is nice
eating | Every 2 hrs. She's an eater
likes | christmas lights, bath time, being on her playmat and getting her picture taken
dislikes | wet diapers and not being held for longer than 30 minutes
favorite moment | Overall, just seeing her personality come out more and more
milestones | she can roll over belly to back. Starting to roll back to belly, and is holding her head up a lot. Talks like crazy and responds to sights and sounds.
. . .
It's a little late, but I was waiting for her doctor's appointment to get all her measurements. She's growing into this goofy, sweet thing and I love her like crazy. It seems like these days are flying by.

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