June 25, 2018

The Last 5 Months

Well hello there! It sure has been a while since I did anything here on the blog. Blame it on terrible wifi, lack of motivation, life as a new mama....the list goes on and on!
I started this journey of Caleb being deployed with so many goals in mind. Here we are now so close to the end and as things typically goes, it didn't necessarily go how I planned..

Definitely isn't a bad thing though! These last few months have been such a process of excitement, a few tears, and so many memories. But I absolutely CANNOT wait for it to be over! haha I am so ready to have my husband home and life back to normal.

Thus why I am here again, typing onto my little laptop, and ever so grateful for my mom's fast wifi.

So as I try to keep myself accountable for keeping up to date on posting. I really do love sharing these little details of my life. It's like an online scrapbook for me to look back on. So let's catch up!
. . .
Back in January, Caleb left for his first deployment :( It was emotionally exhausting, but here we are near the end and still going strong. As expected, it's been 100x less fun for him. But we're grateful for him to be coming home soon, happy and healthy :)

While he was gone I drove all the way back to the midwest to spend time with my family and Caleb's.  I drove back and forth between Indiana and Ohio, even making a stop in North Carolina for a bit.

2 more weeks until I am going to head back to Washington. It'll just be me and Isla on this 36 hour drive. I want to get back with enough time to help get things a little settled before Caleb comes home. I can at least have a house picked and some food in the fridge. Although, I'm gonna have to wait for him to help get most of the furniture, but hey....living room sleepovers until then don't sound too bad. 

Until then.


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