September 21, 2018

Fall Reading for Littles

Hello everyone!! Tomorrow is OFFICIALLY the first day of fall! You can really tell here in Washington; the leaves are changing, the air is cooler....and all three of us have colds lol (Yay for germ season!)

Yesterday we took a quick trip into our local library to pick up some sweet books all about Halloween/Autumn. I thought it would be so fun to really bring in the season for Isla while also sharing the wonderfulness that is books. I really encourage y'all to check out your library if you don't already. I know nowadays it's so easy to overlook, but its such a fun activity to do with your little ones. Especially now that the weather is getting cooler, it's good to have ideas for indoor activities to keep them happy. Plus, it's free! Who doesn't love that?

I try to read to Isla fairly often, if not at least one book everyday. It encourages her to learn new concepts and words, so even though she doesn't quite understand now, it will pay off in the long run. 
These are the books we picked out at our library. The One about Gibbus Moony was so cute :) 

If you're looking for some suggestion on fall/halloween themed books for your kiddos I've got ya covered! Check out these:

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