October 13, 2018

12 Months Old | Isla Makai

12 months old! Wow, we've gone a full trip around the sun with Isla! We celebrated her first birthday before we left Ohio, so I'll share that here soon!
. . .
weight | 19 lbs 9.5 oz
height | 30 inches
sleep | Still sleeping through the night, except for around 5 am. We're going to start working on cutting that feeding.
eating | Trying to research a bit more on best way to wean her from breastfeeding. She eats 3 meals a day with a snack or two, but also wants to nurse 4-5 times as well. We also started introducing whole milk!
likes | playing in storage bins/boxes, going on walks in her stroller, french fries, and baby bum(netflix)
dislikes | when we lock her out of certain rooms lol she gets so mad if she sees us shut a door or put up a gate
milestones | her first birthday of course!! 
favorite moment | Getting to spend time with all of our families together
. . .

I'm not sure how I plan on doing updates from here on out? Maybe another one at 18 months? We shall see!

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