October 30, 2018

How We Picked Her Name

With the end of October coming so close, I thought I would share how we picked our sweet October babes name. I got asked this a lot by friends and family, but also I want to share this here as a memory book type-post.

I wouldn't say that Isla is completely unique, but it also isn't a name you hear everywhere. My husband and I tend to lean towards simple, nature inspired names. We had been trying for a baby for over a year, so we've had many conversations about potential names. We had talked about Lila Mae. It seemed classic and very feminine. We were both pretty content with it, but there was this little feeling in the back of my mind that just felt like it wasn't the one. So I kept searching.

I don't know where I first saw the name Isla, but when I did I fell it love. I remember when I told Caleb about it we were laying in bed when he was in tech school playing on our phones. I think I said something like "What about Isla Mae?' In typical Caleb fashion he replied in a short and sweet, "Yeah I like it." And that was that lol

As for her middle name of Makai, I know exactly where I saw and got that. As I said, we were into Isla Mae and thought that was it, until I was scrolling through Ellen Fisher's (MangoIslandMama) instagram. She has a little boy named Sandy Makai. She mentioned how in Hawaiian "Makai" means by the sea/seaside. So for her son it's sandy by the sea. 

I thought, we have a beach/ocean style name picked out. Island by the Sea would be a cool meaning, plus it was along with our original idea of Mae, but just a bit more interesting.

So I asked Caleb what he thought again and and this time was met with a lot more enthusiasm :)
He loved it, was in love with the idea of her whole name having a meaning that fit together. We were set on it :)

Then only a few months later I discovered I was pregnant. I just had a feeling she was going to be a girl. I just always felt that I was carrying a little Isla, and then when we saw her gender at the anatomy scan it all fell into place. 

She was our Isla. No doubt about that.

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